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Low voltage Insulators


Erico offers low voltage Insulators.


- Manufactured of rugged polyamide - an environmentally friendly, halogen-free nylon material which is reinforced with glass fiber.
- Low-voltage insulators, from 15 to 10033 height, for indoor use
- Very high resistance to leakage current
- Bichromated galvanized steel inserts
- Great stability of electrical ans mechanical parameters
- Meets the requirements of UL 94 VO for self-extinguishing materials.
- Working temperature -40°C +130°C
- UL Recognized to Standard 891, Supplement B, Dead-front Switchboards and Accessories, 600 volt, File no. E125470


Low-cost stand-off insulators from ERICO isolate electrical conductors, such as a groud bar, from their mechanical mounting - preventing short circuits.

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